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Clash With Clown's Coc Latest Server With Clan Games,Clan wars + New Comments Coc Ps Latest 2018

Coc Ps from Clown Servers is a powerful and stable Clash server supporting a lot of original and exclusive features. It is frequently updated to stay aligned with latest game logic.

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Clown's Servers (formerly CoL) simply provides the most stable and powerful emulated servers available.
We offer an unprecedented gaming experience, where you can enjoy unlimited gems and resources, as well as mods and friendly battles against other players.
Lights Servers never crash, never lose your data and are completely free to play.

It is loaded with a lot of mods to give you a unique gaming experience and very different from official servers! Resources (gems, gold, elixir, dark elixir) are unlimited (you start with to billions each)! You don’t have to wait to progress.
By using the commands you don’t have to wait to build and test new bases faster.

Clash With Clown's In-Built Game Commands

Paste any of the commands you wish in the global chat

/help – (lists available commands)
/cut – (clears all obstacles)
/easy – (maxes your base fully, in builder base too, you need to use it in builder base to upgrade there)
/upgrade – (maxes everything you currently have to the maxed level)
/id – (prints your account id)
/refill – (get max resources, gems, gold, elixir etc)
/suicidal – (attack your own base)
/tsarbomba –  reset base

Clown's Servers

Download and join Clown's Server now!

Download Link :-

Troubleshooting :-

If you receive any connection error or login error then please close the app and try again after 15-20 mins it should work. Sometimes the private server gets full and stops working or it goes offline for maintenance purposes.

If you receive an error saying “App not Installed” then the issue is with your operating system. You can either install it on bluestacks on your PC or on a spare Android device.

If you face any other issues let me know in the comments below.


There are many private servers hosted by different and I try to find them all and test them to see which one of them work well because many of them claim to be the latest while they are not and many of them simply don’t work.

If you have any questions or facing issues leave a comment below.

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