MiroClash 2019 Latest Ps January Update With TH 12,Clan Games,Clan War's - TejaRebel

MiroClash 2019 Latest Ps January Update With TH 12,Clan Games,Clan War's  - TejaRebel.

Server Info:-

New Town Hall 1

New Troop Electro Dragon

New Workshop

New Level Troops

New Level Def's

Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Loot 

MiroClash is arguably the best CoC private server out there because:

1- we offer multiple servers that have different features to be appealing to as many users as possible.
2- Our code is optimized to run faster thus making it easier for our players to play the server without needing a very strong internet connection.
3- Because our servers are optimized that means that you have a lot less limits when it comes to training more troops, buildings and spells!

What is MiroClash ?

We are a Team of passionate Developers, Influencers and Designers who work together to produce content loved by Millions of players.
DISCLAIMER: This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy: www.supercell.com/fan-content-policy.

Mods & Commands

We added more buildings to the normal base and made everything almost unlimited so there is nothing limiting you from having fun anymore! Check it out now, and if you don't like mods you can just use the Normal app which is not modded!

Download Link :-

Learn How To Download Here :-

Download Link :-


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  1. It is one of my favorite game, which I play every time. And to get the unlimited coins and golds for free from COC, I have modified it with the lucky patcher mod application...