Clash Of Dreams Private Server 2018 Latest Winter Update

Clash Of Dreams Private Server 2018 Latest With Winter Update

Clash Of Dreams is new developers for Clash Of Clans private server. I stumbled upon their twitter page that’s when I found out about them. They have been around for quite some time but I just found them today.


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Clash of Dreams has truly taken their server to the next level by providing us a rich user experience while playing the game.

The game will be powered by unlimited resources so you can max out your base easily, you also get custom mods such as Custom made buildings, troops, traps, spells, and textures

The game also runs on a powerful web server which allows many players to play on the server at the same time without having any connection issues or lags.

With their most recent update which took place yesterday, they have made some significant changes in their PVP Battles and have added new features to it. Yes! this server has PVP battles and also it’s playable on the Builder Base.

IOS users can also install the game on their iPhones but you will need a jailbroken device. Open Cydia impactor, and connect your device. Drag the IPA to Cydia impactor and then put your apple id and password. Should work.


Also, the new update comes with plenty of bug fixes.

New Map Editor

Bug Fixes

Download Link :-


Incase If  Server Says Lost Connections Means Server Was Full Dont Worry Ok! Try After Sometime It will Work....

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  1. I cannot see ad please help me

  2. Give me some commands in this private server

  3. Hi! I'm Yaguilarro (Clash of Dreams owner). We have available a new update, could you do a new video about it? We wait your feedback on

    Best regards and happy xmas!

  4. Would we get electro drag in the game?
    Will we get builder Base?
    and if there is a update then how and where to update

  5. Можели да ми кажете как се текли.