Null’s Royale with Electro Dragon 2.4.3 Private Server 2018 Latest

Null’s Royale with Electro Dragon 2.4.3 Private Server 2018 Latest

LATEST Null’s Royale with Electro Dragon 2.4.3 Private Server

Clash Royale Private Server By Nulls Royale

Null’s have just released their clash royale private server 2.4.3 with clan wars which is the latest version of Clash Royale. This server was awaited by many users and sure is one of the favorite clash royale private servers for many players out theirs.

So what does null’s have to bring for us in this new update, I will talk about all the features that I have below so make sure you read everything before downloading.


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About Null’s Royale Private Server

Null’s have updated their server to the latest version of Clash Royale which is the 2.3.2 with all the new features that are currently available in Clash Royale. There are many bug fixes and improvements in this new clash royale private server.

All battles are against real players who play on the same server as you and as well other new tournaments and challenges.

There are quests available on the private server and of course, some of the premium cards have been added to this private server.


Type the command in the group chat

/skin – standard skin
/skin gold – skin skin
/skin gem – skin with gems
/skin pump

Chat Commands

The command should be written to the clan chat room (not the old global chat).

/ cglobal – go to this chat

/ cclan – exit this chat (the clan’s chat returns).


1) Download the APK from the link below

2) Install and enjoy


Download Link :-


Null’s Royale private server is well known for its stability, it is one of the smoothest servers you can play despite having so many players. Null’s royale has a powerful dedicated server to host the game but it is only hosted on a single server, unlike the official game servers which are hosted on multiple servers.

Before these private servers were hosted on a cheap web hosting plan which could only support few players but now that is not the case.

So sometimes the server may go offline or because of an overload of players or for maintenance purposes. If that happens just close the app and try again after an hour it should be working, but if it’s a small issue or a glitch then just restart the game it should work if it doesn’t then just try again later. There is never a problem with your internet connection or phone, the problem is always on the other side.

If you receive any other issue then comment below
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