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Clash Palace Private Server With XMAS UPDATE

Clash Palace Private Server XMAS UPDATE :-

Clash Palace has finally released their new clash of clans private server with the latest update 10.322, I know it took a little longer than we expected for the release but Clash Palace makes it sure to fix bugs and issues before releasing any updates which in my opinion is better. So the wait is always worth it!

The new update from the clash Palace Clan Of Clans Mod APK 10.322 brings exciting new features which I am going to be talking about below.


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Clan Of Clans Mod APK:-

Builder hall still has some handler command issue which should be fixed in the coming week.

There are plenty of custom modded buildings on this private server as well as custom modded heroes. My favorites are the giant skeleton building and the pumpkin barbarian building.

Clash Palace has 4 servers all with different features the serve that I will be sharing will be server 1 if you need to download other servers then the link to their official website will be below the installation process together with the download link.

What’s New In Clash Palace Private Server:-

New Townhall 12
New Siege Machine
Siege Workshop
Electro dragons
New Levels
It has all the features from the latest coc version

There will also be an update on the clash of builder and null’s clash, not sure when though when they do they will definitely have clan games. At the moment the clan games are not working on the clash Palace server.


/help : lists available server commands

/status : prints the server’s status

/id : prints your Account ID (will have some cool use of it)

/addunits : adds 500 of all units (/removeunits coming soon)

/addspells : adds 500 of all spells (/removespells coming soon)

/ownbaseattack : awaited, attack yourself!

/clearobstacles : clears all of your existing obstacles

/resetbase : clears all of your existing buildings and resets your main base

/maxlevels : maximize your existing buildings’ level

/setlevel <level> : sets your avatar XP level (example: ‘/setlevel 500’). You can use it multiple times.

/maxresources : refills your storages

/setbases <th_level> : advanced command, set your bases maxed – by inputting the desired TH level. Example: ‘/setbases 11’ – will give you TH11 & BH8 maxed base. You can use TH levels from 1 to 11, as many times as you want.

Download Link:-

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